DIY: How to Repair Your Broken Electric Garage Door

Electricity is used power many of our home’s appliances, gadgets, and other items that make our life a lot more convenient. Lights, computers, and garage doors are just some of the important items it powers in our homes. And like other electrical gadgets, did you know that an electric garage door could be very dangerous once misused? We should be very careful in handling electric garage doors because it can actually electrocute you if it has damages.

How an electric garage door works

If you want to take care of your electric garage door, then I think you need these pointers on how to do it. Garage doors actually have openers, which are fixed to the ceiling of your garage with the use of a bracket. There are different types of electrical garage door units which operate the same way. In my home’s case, my electric garage door at home has an infrared sensor and it always ensures that nothing is blocking the doorway. Our infrared sensor also has a regulator found in the motor unit and it prevents our door from opening and closing too far.

How to troubleshoot your electric garage door

I’ve noticed that even if I frequently maintain our electric garage door, it still breaks down. So before I call a repairman, I first search the Internet for troubleshooting tips. Here are 3 troubleshooting tips should be useful for you, too.

  • Check if there are any damages on the electric door itself. If you notice any small damage, just fix it and see if it eases the problem.
  • Try checking the power source. It could be that power is no longer getting to your electric garage door’s components. If the plug that has loosened from the socket is not the only problem, call the repairman to troubleshoot it.
  • Try pulling the emergency release chain. If the door does not open, then there might be something obstructing it such as small pebbles or hard packed dirt balls in the door tracks, which keeps the door from functioning properly. If this is the case, then remove the obstruction.

But what if troubleshooting can’t solve our problem? Then perhaps we really need to repair it. Here are another 3 tips on how to repair your electric garage door.

Repairing an electric garage door

Problem # 1: Malfunctioning garage door opener

Solution: Test your garage door opener frequently so as to be sure it opens and closes smoothly. Also, check the door, opener chain or drive, and tracks for you to make sure that debris or grime will not stop operating. In case the opener functions very hard, try increasing the tension of the spring or you may totally replace a bad spring.

Problem # 2: Broken electric garage door cable

Solution: You need to release the tensions in the springs. However, be careful for this could be dangerous, especially if you’re not so used to it. Start lifting the doors and go clamp them in place. Place the cable back in place and take the strain back up in the springs. After that, lock them in once more and release the door. It could be better if you ask for a repair person’s help.

Problem# 3: Damaged garage door sensor

Solution:Look for physical objects such as dirt or any debris that are preventing the sensors from functioning well. Try to confirm if the sensors are aligned properly. You may tighten the brackets which hold them into place or you can just totally replace the brackets if tightening it doesn’t solve the problem. If the wires are frayed and damaged, replace them.

Let’s possibly start with the easiest fixes and work our way towards more difficult ones. And remember, let’s always be very careful and be cautious when working with our electric garage door so as to prevent any accidents from happening. So if we are unsure of something, let’s ask a repairman’s assistance anytime.