How Rugs & Carpets Improve Your Home

Carpets and area rugs are perhaps the most cost-effective way to improve your floor without actually touching it. Whether you have grown tired of the same old floor or simply want to add some character to it, carefully selected rugs can do the trick. You do not even have to pay half the cost of a new floor to get the carpeting you need.

Add Some Detail to Your Boring Floor

Carpets and rugs are all about details. For example, if you would like to give the center table in your living room a bit of the old spotlight, why not put a rug under it? A lighter, contrasting color will make your rug pop out, whilst a more subdued tone against your center table’s rich hue will make the table look more dramatic. A light-colored rug under a chocolate-colored table may give the illusion that the table is floating or higher than it really is.

Here is a great example of a rug application.

Separate Your Home’s Sections

For smaller flats or houses with a wide-open design, carpets are perfect for creating boundaries. Separate the kitchen from the bar or dining area by using different colored carpets. Choose contrasting colors if you want the distinction to be strong; go for different shades of a color if you would like the boundaries to be subtle and barely noticeable.

You can even use this style for seasonal additions, such as a Christmas tree. Put a rug under it but on top of the carpet to give the tree its own area. A thick, snow-white rug would make the tree stand out even more.

Make Your Home Warmer

Rugs and carpets give your home a warmer feel. They make walking around more comfortable even when you are barefoot or wearing only socks. This beats padding around on a cold floor. It is especially beneficial to the elderly occupants of the house. Wall-to-wall carpeting strongly complements the best double glazed windows specifications you can find.

Carpets that trap heat are a worthy investment. Your heating setup does not have to work as hard. You save on electricity, and reduce your carbon footprint, all whilst making your home more comfortable.

Make Your Floor Safer for Kids

Families with small children benefit from the use of carpets, as kids typically like playing on the floor. Thick carpets and rugs protect them from a hard floor in case they fall. It also keeps them from slipping, which could happen on shiny yet slippery floors.

Make Stairs Safer Too

A carpet used as a runner for stairs lowers the danger of slips and falls. It also protects the stairs from foot traffic. As a matter of fact, put a carpet as a runner on just about every part of your house that receives the heaviest traffic, such as hallways.

There are many benefits from the use of carpets and rugs. In addition, they make your indoors more welcoming, quiet and classy.